hypothese einer möglichkeit (2016)
The photobook hypothese einer möglichkeit reflects the concept of reality and possibility in a fragmentary and personal story,
which was inspired by the writings of the french philospher Henri Bergson. In „The possible and the real“ Bergson writes:
„As reality gradually creates itself, unpredictable and new, its image is reflected behind it in the indefinite past;
thus it finds it has been, at all times, possible; but just at the very moment where it begins to have always been,
and that is why I was saying that its possibility, which does not precede its reality, will have preceded it once its
reality has appeared.“

hypothese einer möglichkeit as a fictional story deals with the subjects love and loss, the feeling of solitude, memory and the
search for the unknown. The images want to approach the experience of personal instants and their emotional condition.
Through this subjective and poetic view the photography tries to explore the meaning of the moment for one’s own reality and history.

Photobook, 2016
23,8 x 16,7cm
72 pages, 39 color images