Die Architektur der Simulation

Die Architektur der Simulation / The architecture of simulation (2019 – 2021)

Simulations are used to create simplified images of reality for different questions and applications. In these models, theoretical assumptions or known facts can be checked in order to gain insights and apply them to the real system. They’re used where experiments, tests or training are too dangerous, time-consuming, cost-intensive or impossible. The project aims to document the spectrum of simulators and experimental environments that can be found in the fields of science, research and industry. The visual appearance of rooms and environments ranges from the impenetrability of complex technical installations to staged realitys. In addition to the observation and depiction of technology and architecture, the structures of human interaction in these environments and the necessity of a “duplicated reality” are also examined.

Trailer for the series “The architecture of simulation”  (2019 – 2021)