Was ist der Mensch ohne Feuer?

Walsum, 2019

Was ist der Mensch ohne Feuer? 2017 – 2020

The usage of fossil fuel for energy generation is responsible for the emission of huge amounts of carbon dioxide. Especially coal is deemed to be harmful to the environment because 40% of the global CO2 emission is caused by coal-based power production. To achieve the goals which were determined by the Kyoto Protocol and the European climate and energy pact, Germany would have to shut down its most inefficient coal power plants immediately to reach these targets by 2020. However, there are still enormous worldwide coal resources making coal a cheap commodity,   so the preference of fossil fuel over renewable energy is going to maintain.
The work Was ist der Mensch ohne Feuer? documents the coal power plants in North Rhine-Westfalia. The photographs made in the surroundings of the power plants show how they shape the present landscape and therefore become symbols of questioning our dependency on electrical energy and the related environmental problems.

All images are object framed archival pigment prints, 90 x 74,7 cm